How to get extracted data value compare with Excel value and get that row number

How can I find the Extracted data table’s row which has value same as Excel cell value ? And how to get that row number ? (I can not use for each activity because I am already using one for each activity and when I am putting this inside for each , it gives error.

Please help urgently.

Let me know if something required.


If possible, can you share specific data, current workflow etc?


Hey @Yoichi Thanks for the reply.
I’ve attached sample file and SS from Website

  1. I have to check each cell on column “N” and pick which is blank.
  2. For that blank row , I have to select column B’s value (EX: N2 blank then choose B2 ) ,
  3. B2 -search it on website.
  4. There should me more than 4-5 rows on Website for each B cell’s value . I want to check IF H and L is matching on Website rows. IF not then I have to update Excel N cell as N"Not Match".
  5. Continue for rest of the data.

Query :
How should I find the website’s extracted data values and compare it with my excel values ?
IF found both on website’s data then how can i identify that the row number ?

Note : We can not use for each activity , I am already using one for each for Excel data and inside that if I use for each to get all website’s extract data , It is giving me some wrong thing .

Let me know if you need more detail.

Sample.xlsx (9.8 KB)


We can easily achieve it using ForEachExcelRow activity.
If i understand your requirement correctly, rough flow is like the following. (It’s just a mock sample)

Main.xaml (3.2 KB)

Hope this helps you.


Thank you @Yoichi I have created mostly same flow using for each and all but most issue it with inside for each for website’s data, I want to break it once it found the value on web and update excel then I wan to break it from there and have to go in Excel for each loop.

Let me try your flow and will ask you for help if still not get it.

DId you attached the blank file by mistake ? I am not finding any data there.