Number format in data table

I have two columns in a data table and I need to change those number formats
column 1 : 1234567891.987 - 1,234,567,891.987 and also 6.000 - 6
column 2 : 12.499-12.5 and 12.000-12

Hi @agathiyanv

Check out this docs


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you can use the below code in assign activity
newValue = math.Round(oldValue,2)

If any doubt please refer to the below link\

Hi @agathiyanv ,
I have created a sample workflow for you which will help you to get your desired output please do have a look.
DecimalLQ.xaml (7.1 KB)

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I have data in datatable

Pass the excel file name and cell range in this activity @agathiyanv

Have you check out the Video