NuGet v2 Server Protocol Is No Longer Supported By UiPath Orchestrator

What to perform when NuGet v2 Server protocol is no longer supported by UiPath Orchestrator ?

Issue Description: While trying to download any package updates from Orchestrator on Robot machine, error : "NuGet v2 server protocol is no longer supported by UiPath Orchestrator. Please restart your robot to switch to v3 protocol feeds" is obtained.


Resolution: This error is due to the updated internal NuGet feeds' protocol from v2 to v3 starting from version 2020.10 See details about NuGet Infrastructure in the official documentation - Orchestrator Nuget Infrastructure .

Follow the below steps in such a scenario :

  1. Quit the Robot Agent/Assistant
  2. Stop all UiPath.* processes from TaskManager -> Details.
  3. If the Robot is in Service Mode, restarting the service is also necessary.