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What’s next?

Thank you for your interest in our series of Technical Webinars organized in December, 2019 - January, 2020, following our 2019.10 Release. We hope you have found them useful and that they have provided you with great insights into how UiPath and RPA can enable you to drive and achieve digital transformation.

Our team has also put together a set of materials designed to help you learn more about our products. These materials are available in the UiPath Academy and include the decks used during all our live webinars, answers to questions asked, sample workflows, as well as key links to relevant Forum topics, documentation and release notes. To access these materials, please log in with your UiPath Academy account and then click on this link.

Last but not least, we’d also love to hear about your experience during these sessions. Please take a minute to let us know your thoughts and feedback on the webinars so that we can improve going forward.

All webinar recordings are available below:

Product Americas APAC EMEA
Desktop Platform‌

>>> Watch the recording here <<<
Orchestrator‌ & Cloud Platform‌

>>> Watch the recording here <<<
Attended Automation

>>> Watch the recording here <<<
Explorer Family Part 1

>>> Watch the recording here <<<
Enhanced automation capabilities

>>> Watch the recording here <<<
Explorer Family Part 2

>>> Watch the recording here <<<
Upcoming Product releases

>>> Watch the recording here <<<

Your thoughts and feedback


Hi @AlexF at first thank you for this.
So I suggest that why dont you having a separate channel to keeping all webinars on date basis , so any one access webinars history or on live


Thank you.

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Good suggestion, thank you for your feedback.


Always welcome :rocket: :sunglasses:

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