Notepad to excel file

Hey all

Having a notepad file but the improper structure data, now I want to make it one excel file.


like this



This is just a simple idea…

Read Text File, and store to a string variable.
Replace space with a comma (assuming it’s a space-delimited string)… str = str.Replace(" ",",")
Write Text File, to a file with extension .csv

By creating a comma-delimited string, you can output that to a CSV which can be opened in Excel.

You can also try using the Generate Data Table after you change it to a comma-delimited, but in the past I have had issues with it. Then, you can use Write Range to a .xlsx file



i just noticed that you don’t have the column names set up correctly. It may be more complicated than this, because you want to manipulate the columns correctly.

can you send a sample flow for this?

Can you show what output you would like for that text you showed in your original post?
An example of what you want for output will help identify the solution you need.

A sample workflow of what I suggested is only 3 activities. Give it a shot first and show what you did if you have any issues.

If you present what you want for output, I can help set up your string in the correct format, and send a sample.



this is my excepting output format(notepad to excel file)

I will need to get back to you when I have more time, so I can create a sample that manipulates the string to the desired columns.

Essentially, you will need to store the column names to an Array to reference, then extract the value near it by maybe using Regex, and either use Add Data Row or comma-delimit the string to migrate it to a table.



ok.thank you

Hi @ganesh_rajan,

You can’t achieve your excepting output format from the input you provided because to get the your expected output we need to split the input based on some delimiter but in your case the data is not in standard format.

If your data is in something like this formats,


then you can get your expected output.

Let me know for any queries or clarifications.


Hi @ganesh_rajan

Use the below post

Ashwin S

I completely agree karun.

But what is the solution for this improper format?

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Already I mentioned, we can’t achieve your expected output until input data have standard format.

tell me one thing from where your getting this data?

are you reading it from a pdf?

no from image