Not getting an output from Execut command of Database ( DB2)

While querying DB2 database , it is throwing an error. “Unknown SQL type - -360.”, Same query is working in AQT( Client of DB2). Moreover other query through uipath is working fine. I have attached the text document for the query: q2.txt (11.3 KB)
xaml file
Test.xaml (14.7 KB)
Error Screen -shot

AQT Client :

Show us your query that’s in the Execute Query activity.

query is very long that’s why i put it in q2.txt. I am re attaching it.

query file : q2.txt (11.3 KB)

any solution for the above problem…I am facing the same issue.

Put the query in text file and variablize the parameters. Read the text file and manipulate string by replacing the the actual value o variable and then pass the same string into execute query .

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Same Query is running with other column, when we change a particular column with another column, the query is failing to execute. Same query is running fine in DB2 server

It did not formatted well when you put the query inside UiPath , please attach the sequence and the query file

@manishsoni0407 How about casting the column to char/varchar. Please refer below thread for more details

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HI @manishsoni0407

Have a look on it


Casting worked!!

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