Not able to see AI Center

Hi Team,

Not able to see AI Center in community version automation cloud.

Hey @abhilash.bhanwal you would need a enterprise trail to use AI center.

Hi @abhilash.bhanwal ,

To explore AI Center you need Enterprise Trial version,

Admin β†’ Licenses β†’ Request Enterprise Trial β†’ Enter your details.


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Thanks Vishnu. How to upgrade to Enterprise Trial version from community version

I have now upgraded to Enterprise trial version. From where I can see AI Fabric tab now


Admin β†’ Tenant β†’ Tenant Settings β†’ Check the AI Center.

P.S. Don’t forget to add AI Robots, to use AI Center



Pls refer this thread

Cheers @abhilash.bhanwal

After Upgradation,

Tenant->Tenant Settings->Enable AI Center->Save

then move to Edit License Allocation->Enter available AI robots->Save

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