AI Center not available with community version

I am unable to activate the AI center with the community version. I enabled the AI center using the link provided in the document understanding section. I got a message that I have one license that I can use and but it went back to enable AI center. I went to the tenant section and it says all services are enabled for the account.

Hi @Abi_RPA ,

Could you perform the below Steps :

  1. Got to your Automation Cloud Account
  2. Click on Admin
  3. Click on the Tenant needed
  4. Click on Services

You should be able to find the list of services available to you and you can enable or disable the services required.

Some times, the service itself wouldn’t be available, If So, you could check the Add Services option (Top Right) and check if newer services can be added to your tenant and add it.

If the Services are still not available to you, then you would have to Click on Start Pro Trial option, so that you will get the new or extended services from UiPath for a Period of 60 Days.

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Hi @Abi_RPA

Login to Orchestrator=> Go to Admin=> Click on Licenses=> you will be able to see Start Pro Trail option=> It will give you an Pop up enter your details and click on Start Pro Trail.

Hope it helps!!


Hi @Abi_RPA

For community edition there is no permission for AI Center.

You have to activate enterprise edition to enable the AI center.
I think you are in community edition, upgrade your license to enterprise. If you want to use it free. There is a option to use the enterprise edition as a trail version, you can enable it. It will work for 60 days.

Steps to activate pro trail :
Login to Orchestrator → Switch to admin tab → Go to the licenses tab → At top there is a option Start pro trail → Hit on start pro trail button → It will ask to provide the details, give all the details.

Then it enables automatically.

Hope it helps!!

Hi, For AI center You can activate the Pro Trial in [Orchestrator] Go to Admin => Licenses => Start Pro Trial


Welcome to the community

For community edition you can use document understanding in the studio but AI Center and training of documents is not available in community version

You need to update to enterprise trail to get the access to AI Center. Enterprise trail is valid only for 60 days and after the trail period your license would be converted to free license and not community where you would only be able to access studiox but not studio…in free plan studio is not available

Hope this helps