Not able to scrape data even after ActiveX and Active scripting our enabled

Please help me find a solution to this.
The data scraping does not work despite enabling active scripting (all options), activeX all options, disabling protected mode in ie, and trying to add oleacc.dll to regsvr32.exe (as suggested on the uipath forum.)

The error may not be generated by UiPath…why don’t you try screen scrapping ?

Hey danesh, if I were you I would consult your IT support in your company about resolving the settings for RPA. There are various settings that can be adjusted, like if you go through your Intranet or Internet Zones, you can make some adjustments to enable scripting.

But, then again, maybe IT would have a problem with enabling scripting. In any case, the site could be added to Intranet or Trusted sites to change the zone of the site. But, working with IT is usually a better solution so they can solve it for future environments that will run your RPA… hopefully.