Not able to pass variable into selector

i want to automate trivago site i am not able to pas date as a variable in selectors as this is only method to select the specific date
any help to crack this issue is really appreciable


If possible can you share the selector and format of the date variable to be included in the selector here

i am not able upload the file as i am a new user
i will just send the selector
i am trying to pass the date 07-12-2018 as a variable but its not recognizing
<webctrl aaname=‘*," +variable+ "’ tag=‘TIME’ /

Sorry i cant get what went wrong with this information. Can you share XAML here?

i wanted to share that but i am not able to do it since i am a new user
it would be really nice if u have cracked it for trivago site please upload your code i will compare it with mine

Ok let me try. Send me the URL of the trivago webpage where you are trying to include date?


Try like below

<webctrl aaname=’*" +variable+ "’ tag=‘TIME’ /


“Check in” and “Check Out” are the elements where date needs to be modified.

URL :[arr]=2018-12-15&aDateRange[dep]=2018-12-16&aPriceRange[from]=0&aPriceRange[to]=0&iPathId=84774&aGeoCode[lat]=12.971599&aGeoCode[lng]=77.594566&iGeoDistanceItem=0&aCategoryRange=0%2C1%2C2%2C3%2C4%2C5&aOverallLiking=1%2C2%2C3%2C4%2C5&sOrderBy=relevance%20desc&bTopDealsOnly=false&iRoomType=7&cpt=8477403&iIncludeAll=0&iViewType=0&bIsSeoPage=0&bIsSitemap=false

Since there is no text field to enter the required date we have to select the date in drop down calender box by work around logic.

Else we can use “Inject js” activity to set the required date in Check in/Check out but i am not sure about it.

@aksh1yadav @nadim.warsi can you please check this one