Not able to get the Mail's Body content

how should I get the Mail’s body content? I am trying to store it into txt file using Mail item.Body but it’s not working

@sourabhpandare If you have an Output of Get Mail Messages Activity. It will be an array of MailMessages and Hence you’ll need to loop through the Collection.

  1. Use For Each to loop through the Get Mail Messages Output variable, set the Type Argument to System.Net.Mail.MailMessage

  2. Use A Message Box and use the value as Item.Body in it

Check if it works, Show Screesnhots if Possible.

Hello supermanPunch,
As you told here I already used this…
& checked the item.Body in message box in for each loop…It’s showing blank…

@sourabhpandare Are you sue the Email is not blank? :sweat_smile:

Yes bro…Definitely… :grinning:

@sourabhpandare Can you Check the Subject and See if you are able to get the Subject value from the mail message using item.Subject, Also what is the Content of the Mail Message ? Is it text Data or is it in some other form?