Not able to Connect to 64 Bit Oracle DB 11g Express Edition through UiPath

I have Oracle XE 11g 64 bit version installed in my laptop and I have created a user DSN in the ODBC Datasource tool 64 bit tool for the XE. and that got displayed in Uipath under connection settings but providing all the required uid and upassword, it is displaying architecture mismatch
error when test connection.

I understand I can uninstall 64 bit oracle xe and install 32 bit but is there any other way since in my project they say they have to go with 64 bit only. Please help and it is urgent

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Hi @Mohanraj_Murugesan,

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Install 32 bit and 64 bit Oracle 11g Client versions in your machine. While installing create separate folders for 32 bit version and 64 bit version. Try this and let me know.



I installed both clients now what should I do in UiPath and ODBC tool? Please give steps

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Hope you have installed both client versions in different folders and installed UiPath.Database.Activities in UiPath Studio.

First Connect the Database…

  1. Prepare Connection String as below :


  1. Replace all # tags with your information.

  2. Take Connect Activity.

  3. Update your connection string in the ConnectionString field.

  4. Select ProvideName as “System.Data.OracleClient”

  5. Create a Variable for DatabaseConnection.


  1. Now use this DatabaseConnection Variable as a ExistingConnection to Execute Query, Execute Non Query , Insert, Start Transaction. Create a DataTable variable for Database Output.
  2. Then Close the Database Connection with Disconnect activity.

Cheers @Mohanraj_Murugesan



Don’t post Confidential information in the Forum(DB Details, Credentials etc). Check the Connection string once again , Seems there is a dot at the end, remove it.

Cheers @Mohanraj_Murugesan,

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Hi Ram,
Thanks, I was little exited.
My Bad, I missed to put the expression inside the quotation “” now no compile error but when I execute the main script, I get the below error,

is there any specific folder I need to install the 32 and 64 bit clients, Will the re installations helps?

@Ramprasad Hi Any update on my error I posted after installing both clients 32 & 64 bit

Install both Clients in different folders…It will work.