No output field for a data table while using a library

Hello Community,

I hope you can help me

I have a custom activity provided by the library generating a data table with scraped data.

The below screenshot shows the activity in use, but no output field available by some reason


Any ideas what can be wrong?

I can’t post more than 1 attachment. So, this is the activity I am using:

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In general the Download_All_Work_Items should define an out Argument in order to returning the scraped Datatable. Also it is necesserary that the out argument is correctly set e.g within an assign activity

Assign acitivty:
left side: the out_Argument e.g. out_DataTable
right side: ExtractDataTable

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Thank you very much! It worked!

Perfect. Just do your final testing and once it is passing the tests so close the topic with marking the solving post as solution. Others can benefit from this. In case of upcoming issues let us know your open questions. Thanks

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