No ml skills available?


mlskill 사용 하려고 하는데 다음과 같이 ‘no ml skill available’ 다음과 같이 표시 됩니다.

무엇이 문제 인가요??



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  1. Is your UiPath studio connected with Orchestrator ?

  2. Can you check whether it is showing any packages under ML Packages page in UiPath Cloud Orchestrator ?

If either of the one is missing then it won’t show any ML skills in UiPath studio.

Hi Kimm,

ML skills have to be deployed by you on Orchestrator, using AI Center you can deploy out-of-the-box, retrained out-of-the-box or custom Machine Learning models as ML Skills. The skills would now then be made available for use by you on studio

You can see what a deploying/deployed ML skill looks like in AI Center below

다음과 같이 되어 있습니다.
상태가 패키지에서는 undeployed
스킬에서는 failed

Orchestrator 와 연결 되어 있습니다~


Ok. But I can see in the above screenshots package is not deployed and failed. Because of that it’s not showing in UiPath studio.

Please refer below thread for creating ML skill.

You should click on the mlpack1 and see the logs it might give an hint as to why the deployment failed

ai center 프로젝트를 지우고 다시 설치 하니 연결이 정상 적으로 되었습니다.