No logs showing in Orcestrator

I am unable to get logs in Orchestrator, no logs for either any Robot or Jobs.

I have checked the web.config and it seems right. Both Target for ElasticSearch and Database are correct and verified. And the Logger rules points to both database and Elastic.

I can verify logs is written to the database through SQL-query but they are not showing up in Orchestrator.
For ElasticSearch No logs are posted, only the ones I manually post for verification that Elastic is up and running, that one I also can get from Kibana.

I am out of ideas and need your help…
Both Robots and Orchestrator are running 2019.4.3

Hi @Jorgen

Please check out these topics:

They might be related and contain a solution :slight_smile:

Otherwise, please contact our technical support here.

Thank you!
I’ve already checked and tried them before my post. I will contact Technical Support :slightly_smiling_face:.

Hi Jorgen,
I’m facing the same issue right now. Orchestrator installed fine and jobs executed successfully, but no logs generated at all. Even no any messages generated in Event Viewer.
I’m wondering if you can tell me your solution? It will be great appreciated.