No logs showing in Orcestrator

I am unable to get logs in Orchestrator, no logs for either any Robot or Jobs.

I have checked the web.config and it seems right. Both Target for ElasticSearch and Database are correct and verified. And the Logger rules points to both database and Elastic.

I can verify logs is written to the database through SQL-query but they are not showing up in Orchestrator.
For ElasticSearch No logs are posted, only the ones I manually post for verification that Elastic is up and running, that one I also can get from Kibana.

I am out of ideas and need your help…
Both Robots and Orchestrator are running 2019.4.3

Hi @Jorgen

Please check out these topics:

They might be related and contain a solution :slight_smile:

Otherwise, please contact our technical support here.

Thank you!
I’ve already checked and tried them before my post. I will contact Technical Support :slightly_smiling_face:.