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Hi everyone,

I was modifying a script today and when I realized a notification is showing in my script. I am not sure which inside the sequence is causing it. I already run the script but it will only point me to the sequence activity. How will I determine which one is causing the issue

Hi @VegitlX_HuNteR
Are you facing any issues or errors in running the program?
Is this ‘No Condition Defined’ showing at the same spot without disappearing?

It just stops on that sequence without providing error. It won’t proceed to the next activity

Try to look at the outpu if there are more information as to why the run stops on that sequence. If you can also show what is inside the sequence that would help…

Is it because you’ve set a breakpoint (the red circle to the left of activity)?
Does it stop only when you try Debug mode or also when you try to Run it?

How will I remote the breakpoint? I might have accidentally clicked something and didn’t noticed about it.

In the Debug tab of your Studio, you will see ‘Breakpoints’ button. Select the activity and click the button to remove breakpoint.

A better way to manage all your breakpoints is to look at the Breakpoints pane at the bottom (near Output pane).

Thanks @codenameCata for helping. This fixed the issue

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