NLP or Regex

Problem Statement : There are two systems to interact - System A, System B

Bot is trying to read row item of System A table extract and search or analyse System B (row items) one by one.

System A table structure

Unit Id Amount
X02 ABC - Adjustment 50,000
Unassigned 2,000

Note : Unit, Id column do not have fixed format.

System B table structure

Description Amount

Note : Description may or may not be combination of Unit, Id and other free text

Objective is to analyse unassigned amount of System A and search each row item of System B and analyse whether amount of System A is contributed based on combination of description available in System B.

Need to make sure search of text does not include any unit, id keywords of other row items available in System A.

Hi @Sonalk

Do a table extraction and then filter first column with unassigned then use a for eqch ui element or read the second system data also into datatable and loop on it use a if condition to check if the required unassigned is present and get the description