Extract Data table using regex

Hello all I need to extract data table from the below text.

INVOICE Seattle Kraken S 10601 5th Ave NE, Suite 100 Seattle, WA 98125 v#1012808 BILL TO Glen Kollmorgen Guy F. Atkinson Construction, LLC INVOICE DATE: 03/08/2023 707 S Grady Way CUSTOMER ID: 242850 #500 Renton, WA 98057 2023-2024 Kraken tickets DESCRIPTION Location AMOUNT Amex Hall Seats Section 118, Row T, Seats 13-14 $10,320 THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORTI SUBTOTAL $ 10,320.00 Amount Paid $1,032.00 Amount Due $9,288.00 Checks payable to: Federal Fund wires and ACH transfers should be sent to: Seattle Hockey Services LLC Washington Federal 10601 5th Ave NE, Suite 100 5777 N Meeker Ave Seattle, WA 98125 Boise, ID 83713 ABA # - 325070980 Account Number - 62764144622 For Account of - Seattle Hockey Services LLC

I found a partial solution from CHAT-GPT . But not sure what to do in for each loop.


First of all degrade system package to 22.10…

Then in the for loop change type argument to system.text.regularexpressions.regex.match

Then inside the loop you can use currentitem.value to get each value

Cheers and that can be used in write cell but not write range…write range can be used for datatables

Hope this helps


Hi anil.
Now the downgraded the version, error is not coming.
However I am not getting the output( No error).

I used write line activity within the loop.


First check if you are getting anything from. Your matches activity…I guess it is giving empty result



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