Newly downloaded file move to one folder to another

how to move newly downloaded file one folder to another folder based on time .
plz answer me


Hi @vivekktr

We can use move file activity for this
In which the source file path should be like this
Directory.GetFiles(“yourfolderpath”).OrderbyDescending(Function(x) x)(0).ToString

And in destination property of move file as your folder path where you want to save

Hope this would help you buddy

Cheers @vivekktr


Proc1 (2).zip (11.5 KB)

Modify the XAML according to your needs this will only move the pdf files.
change the directory.getfiles and remove the file filter here “*.pdf”

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how to move file from one folder to another based on current time

Hi Bro… i need ur help… pls

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i cannot able to move a media from one location to another in local…

and also i need to scrap the whole data in a lazy loading datatable.
what i need to do…pls

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