New version training or guidance support need

Dear guys,
I’ve been using Uipath for more than 2years.
Recently, some colleagues want to touch Uipath, then they downloaded the Uipath Studio and ask me to help them design some small program.
However, it becomes harder to do it in the new platform.
For example, the new recorder, it’s quite different from what our old user is using, I have no idea how to adapt to this.
In addition, the common activity like Send Hotkey and Click, which become more and more difficult to use, many pre-condition really confuse me.
So, how can learn all these features and help my colleague?

PS:What I’m using is the community edition 2022.4.
Colleagues getting from Uipath is the latest Studio 2022.4.

Hi there @Allen_Huang,
I hope you are well!

Regarding the Click and Send Hotkey differences, you may be setup with the Modern Design Experience, as opposed to Classic.

Details on changing from Modern to Classic can be found here (

Please let me know if you have any further questions.
Thanks once again for your support,

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Hi @Allen_Huang,

Right click on the project you created and go to the project setting area.


Mark the modern design experience as false and save.


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Dear Josh,
Thanks a lot!

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Yes, it works, thanks!

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