What about this new UiPath Academy version? I’ve already finish my first assignment but it was ignored. I know, I can just upload it again but… not even a paper about it?

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I’m stuck at the same place. No feedback from uploading assignment, was like 2 hours ago now. I’m guessing the new Academy version is a bit slow and buggy at the moment. Are you supposed to get the feedback at the page you took a screenshot of?

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I’m waiting too… I’ve uploaded the files all again.

@Rikard_Isaksson, did you have any answer?

No, still nothing :frowning:

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Me neither… :confused:

I got my result but I could not download my diploma. What about you?

Hi again!
I got my result back now as well… But I haven’t done the next assignment yet, if there’s a diploma I guess that gets available after you finish the whole course.