New Release: Keyboard Shortcuts for Variables and Arguments in UiPath Studio

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcut is one of the important features that is newly introduced by UiPath 2022.10. In the newly added version of the UiPath, you can now use the keyboard shortcuts to Delete (Del), Copy (Ctrl c), and Paste (Ctrl v) variables and arguments. If we wanted to pass the same variable between different activities or in different workflows within a project, we had to do so manually, however, we can now copy and paste the variable along with its default value and variable type. By using it, developers can avoid creating the same variable repeatedly. Let’s have a look at how we can copy, Paste and delete a variable or argument through the keyboard shortcut keys.

Deleting a variable:

  1. Highlight the variable you want to delete.

  2. Press the Delete key on your keyboard.

The variable will be deleted.

Copying a variable:

  1. Highlight the variable you want to copy.

  2. Press the Ctrl+C keys on your keyboard.

The variable will be copied. Paste the variable into the desired location by pressing Ctrl+V.

Pasting a variable:

  1. Highlight the place where you want to paste.

  2. Press the Ctrl+V keys on your keyboard. The variable will be pasted into the desired location.

By: @Anshdeep_Tyagi @sachin.lather

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Hi @Anshdeep_Tyagi and @sachin.lather,

I have some constructive feedback to your content:

  1. This is not a new feature, this feature has existed atleast since 2020.4 may be even earlier.

  2. A reference to the feature documentation can also help other readers. No matter when this feature was available. For example documentation to Studio Shorcuts : Keyboard Shortcuts

Copying/pasting arguments and variables with default values is not a new feature. Hence, in my opinion this is not therefore relevant content as a forum tutorial.