New PiP feature and Attended

Why is PiP needed? Attended robots that don’t interfere with the keyboard or mouse can be written using messages or simulate correct? Why would the overhead of PiP ever be needed? What use cases is PiP designed for ?

Hi @PaulJacobs,
First of all you can do automation on second OS instance (same machine) without interrupting you current work while still have possibility to see what is going on there. Secondly you can combine automation on two OS instances at once which allows you to do more robust set of automation (for example grabbing data from two applications simultaneously without switching between them as each of application will be displayed on separate instance). Sky is the limit :slight_smile:

I should be able to do that now without PiP, shouldn’t I? That’s the whole point of attended automation right? Under what circumstances would I use PiP instead of simply trying to write an attended automation using Simulate Type/Click or Messages?

You can do automation for as many applications simultaneously as you need. But this requires to have more robots and Windows Server with proper amount of RDP licenses to be able to run many attended automation on one computer. PiP enables you to do this on you own instance and consumer version of Windows. And as I said before you can do attended automation (which needs to perform actions without user interruption) and on same time work normally as automation will be doing it’s job on internal (separate) desktop of your session.

Remember that some applications can’t work properly with background attributes like “simulate click” etc. Some automation needs to use actual mouse. But this is just example.