Running in PIP Unattended from Orchestrator

I have an automation I am building for a windows application, I need to send a hardware mouse click which doesnt actually work on a locked screen (unattended robot) so I would like to run unattended in a pip session. How do I accomplish this?

Hi @corinna.robertson

Pip is not for unattended …it is for attended automations.

Can you try with login to console option on robot settings on orchestrator


Can you point me to where that setting is and isn’t it the default? Will that allow the hardware click on the locked machine?

Hi @corinna.robertson

Please check this

When its true clicks can be passed.

And always its better to signout the machine rather than lock or disconnect to avoid issues

Go to your robot settings on the orchestrator


I just tested the automation making sure the robot connects to console and my hardware click is still failing. Are there specific permissions the robot would need to allow connecting to the console? Don’t know if this is significant but I tried to use tscon to disconnect to the console on this specific machine and had an access denied error.