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Does anyone know how I can send a “new page” to an Append Text?
The text i’m appending is an html file, so i need to pass to the next page using html code.
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Sorry I didn’t get you. Could you please tell more details about the issue.

And also Append Text will accept string type of input.

Thank you @lakshman,

I need to insert a separator of page in the text saved.
The file text read is an html file, I extract the text and append to an existing html page.
How to insert a break page character?



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What you want to insert as page separator ?

I don’t know in an html page which is the page break separator.
I need if for the printing.
I need to separate pages.
Can you help me?

you can add this

<p style="page-break-before: always" where you want to break page

To suggest a page break, add <P style=“page-break-before: always” before the beginning of a new printed page. For example, if you place the following tags on a HTML page and print it using a compatible browser, you will end-up with three pages with the sample text.


Thank you @sandeep13,

how to add the CSS with the class:
@media print {
.page-break { display: block; page-break-before: always; }

in the html text?

I Think Inline CSS would be better.
we can easily add in the HTML page .


Thank you @sandeep13.
How to do that?
CAmi :slight_smile:

I haven’t do it earlier but you try with append text.may be

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