📢 New Connector Builder Feature: Activity Designer (Public Preview)


The UiPath Connector Builder/activity designer allows you to preview the UI of an activity while you are in the process of building a custom connector from within Connector Builder. Each request parameter and response field configured for an activity will now have a display that reflects how that configuration impacts the final activity.

Input parameter placement can be modified on the activity by selecting the Main or Additional options while input parameters that require a value assigned during the automation’s setup can be marked with the Required field. This will place the field in the main section of the activity and, once the activity is used in a workflow, will display an error if no value is assigned. The order of the input parameters can also be updated by group (main and additional) allowing you to further customize the look and feel of an activity.

Response fields can also be Curated. Curated response fields will be broken out into their own variables, making for easy access throughout a workflow.

All of these customizations are immediately reflected through the Activity Designer resulting in a streamlined experience when building your own Connectors.

During this public preview phase, we are looking forward to learning about your experience with the Activity designer. Please share any issues you encounter while using the Activity designer. We are happy to learn where we can improve prior to moving this to GA.

How to Get Started

Activity Designer is only available through Studio Web through Integration Services.

From within Studio Web

  1. Navigate to Integration Service and click Build your connector
  2. Either select an existing connector or click Create new connector and use the Start from API definition option to import a provider’s API definition from a swagger file or Postman collection
  3. Navigate to any record listed within the connector and click into the Activity designer tab to display the new

From the Activity designer tab you have a number of options. While in the Input tab, you can click the three vertical dots inline with the Search input to add parameters and request fields as well as some additional configuration.

You can use the Required, Main, and Additional columns to adjust the field placement in the activity preview on the right side of the screen.

You can use the “=” sign to update the order of the fields

Click into the Output tab to show the response fields (response fields only show after making a successful call using the Send Request button). From the Output tab, fields can be selected as Curated to be included as standalone variables in the Output section of the preview.

Within the activity preview, the name of the activity can be edited.

Known limitations

  1. Activity designer does not currently support displaying all field widgets such as drop downs, Boolean radio buttons, multi-select, file picker, date picker and others.
  2. Cannot select the field display component.


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