.NET Runtime or .NET SDK?

As UiPath suggested, I’ve recently converted my project from Windows Legacy to Windows.
This conversion resulted in several issues, whereas the most significant issue is a very slow operation of UiPath panel, mainly during the design, debug, validation, analysis and compilation.

After updating my .NET Runtime (from 4.6 to 6) and removing temporary files in my system, some of the issues mentioned above were solved, but the great slowness of UiPath panel wasn’t solved.

Therefore, my question is:

In order to just build automations (and not to develop activities), should I install .NET Runtime or .NET SDK ?

Thank you!

@Udiar ,

Yes. Since, UiPath also works on top of .Net framework, you would require to install the .Net runtime or more specifically in your case I would think .Net 6 version as you would want to use the Windows Version.

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