Nesting Test Cases

I’m trying to build a test automation and I ran into the following situation that I cannot find any information how to resolve:
When creating a new Test Automation project, I want to run a test case that consists of multiple subtest cases. How would I configure a test case to start another test case?

Also, it would be nice if one test case could have output arguments that can then be used in another test case.

Hi @Serge_Fonville,
please check below topic for your answer and if you still face issue please update us.

Hi @mahmoud.zaky,

Unfortunately that does not resolve my issue, I understand that tests should work independently, however I need subtests where the main test fails if any of the subtests fail.
That way it becomes clear which step failed.

Is that possible?

Hi Serge,

I would have to further understand your request.
You can use sequences and entire xaml files in a Testcase but I am not sure about the usecase why you would like to have sub-Testcases for one Test Case.
For grouping Test Cases we offer you Test Sets.
Any additional info is highly welcome.

It seems the core request here is…

(1) to run test cases in a certain order due to dependencies between each other
(2) support the handover of data from one test case to another

Ad (1):
We are working on a solution for this on Test Manager right now
cc: @Gernot_Brandl

Ad (2):
Arguments cannot be easily handed over from one TC to another right now. As a workaroudn you can use queues, files or assets.
We have created an issue in our backlog for this in order to better support this usecase in the future.

@ThomasStocker, thanks for the confirmation

The other point is nesting, to be able to make tests containing subtests.

So multiple tests, each containing 0 or more subtests.

Tests Set
– Test 1
---- Subtest 1/1
---- Subtest 1/2
– Test 2
---- Subtest 2/1
---- Subtest 2/2
---- Subtest 2/2

It would ideally be configurable how to handle failures, e.g.
When test 1/2 fails. test 1 fails, but the test set continues.
Or when Test 2/2 fails, the test set fails