JSON to XLSX Conversion Automation using UI Path

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I`ll just ask if this is doable, I was planning to have an automation which read an JSON file and convert it to XLSX file, hoping for any suggestion. :slight_smile:

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Search for Json to Datatable in the forum.

It will be
Json β†’ Datatable β†’ Xlsx (Write Range)

There are two activities available to Deserialize Json. If your Json is already in array structure, you can use deserializeJsonArray activity. Else you have to use DeserializeJson activity. The result of these activities will be JsonArray and Jsonobject respectively.
You have to convert this resultant value to datatable.
Use write range activity to write the datatable in the excel

Please refer-

Hi Sir Madhavi & vvaidya

Thank you for all of your suggestion, we`ll try this.

Thanks a lot sirs.