Nested If when navigating webpages

Hi community,

I am creating an automation in which I navigate and use many web pages. Because of this, I created a number of nested If statements, to prevent the automation to break when loading new pages (various reasons: poor connection, missing variable…).

Any suggestion on what to replace the nested if statements with?

Hello @sebastiano_santini

It would be better if you can elaborate more on your use case.

Are you looking for a solution to navigate to multiple urls from the excel and to do some process?
If yes, it would be better to use switch case activity.


My case scenario is the following:

I have a folder containing clients pictures, the folder is constantly updatetd with new pictures. My automation does the following:

-It retrives the pictures of Client A;
-Navigates to a specific website;
-Uploads the Client A pictures;
-Logs out Client A website;
-Starts processing Client B;
and so on…

As I said, I have multiple clients so the actions listed above are in a loop. Because I want the automation to run non-stop, I have many nested if statements that checks whether a web page was downloaded successfully. If at any point of the uploading process the website has some problem, and it fails to load the next webpage, the automation breaks the loop for Client X and goes on the next client.
Different Clients use different websites.

My if statements are “safepoints”, so that if a website is not working, the automation will not stop.

I hope this makes more sense.

in general:

  • we would look for modularization options
  • deep nested if constructs can be rewritten often to a switch / if-else
  • synchronizations between bot-app often can be realized with retry-scope activity