Nested IF not looping

I have a Do While which operates on a ‘Text Exists’ variable. Inside the ‘Then’, I have a sequence which synchronises the system with Active Directory The system this task is running on is prone to kick you out randomly - after which you need to log in again. For this reason I have nested an IF inside the ‘Else’ of the Do While to log in. This second IF operates on an ‘Image Exists’ variable - its looking for the ‘Login’ image.

My issue is when the login sequence runs. At the end of this activity I navigate back to the AD synchronise page, however the sequence just exits the Do While to continue on. I of course want it to return to the Do While. How do I do this?

^the errors are because I’ve made a copy for redaction

Hi @Andrew_Callaghan

So u were not able to navigate back to the page ?

Try adding at the end of ‘Login’ or just in ‘else’ the get text again, so that the loop will not terminate after loging back into the system

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Thanks. At the end of the logging back in sequence, the task navigates back to the page that synchronises AD. But here the sequence goes into the next task as though it has dropped the variable.

Thanks. That’s a good call. I will give it a go.

This worked! Thanks for your help.

Great, good luck further with this process!

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