Negative score classification keywords

I’ve been testing UiPath classification features included in Document Understanding / IntelligentOCR package activities and I can’t find any way to indicate a negative score for keywords or phrases. May be it is possible but I couldn’t find how to set this in any of the activities: Intelligent Keyword Classifier or Keyword Based Classifier.

This feature is very useful for tunning classification results in order to avoid unwanted classification matches. Sometimes you need to tell the system to “classify based on these keywords but if you encounter any of these other keywords: lower the score”.

For some of us that have been working for years with other Intelligent OCR software like Kofax Transformation, this is a really useful feature.

Hope it helps to keep improving activities and solution features for document based automations.

Hi Gabriel,

Thanks a lot for your feedback :pray: I have heard this request before and we are considering working on it, however, I don’t have a timeline for it yet. Until we have it, maybe give the Machine Learning Classifier a try? :slight_smile:

Looking forward to your feedback & thank you again!