Keyword Based Classifier for OCR & ML

There are few question I am having as below:-

  1. I am using ML model where PAN card and GSTN or any other number is required when i select those fields in present validation station it do not give output in excel file.
    ML keywords I am using are working fine.
  2. Can anyone share sample project of keyword based classifier, it is not working on ,my system. Kindly help.
  3. How to use Keyword based classify trainer.
  4. Can we use our own keyword in ML model?
  5. Can I use AIFABRIC in community trail version?

Kindly help.

Hi @vaneet_kumar,

Refer this links:


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Thanks Neelima,

Just one question how can we download all queues after processing with status of queue and send mail in excel file to customer?


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