Need urgent help on Fuzzy Match of adress. Major problem here is i dont know the location in pdf file where is that address is located. (Note : Document can be of any type)

I have two veriables X and Y. X=“1st Floor, XYZ Bld.” and Y contains data from pdf which contains fuzzy address of X.

X=“1st Floor, XYZ Bld.”

Y= “asasasas wqwqqwqw dsdss wqwqwq First flr XYZ Building asasas rwewe asas”

How to check whether string x is contains in string y .(address will be a fuzzy match here)


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Have a look below activity.

Hi Lakshman,

I have tried it earlier actually output data is coming from pdf (which can be 500 words long) and address is part of output data.
This algorithm is giving less % result.

Actually the problem statement is to check whether that address is present in the pdf or not .(I cannot use string.contains method since addresses are of fuzzy type)