Need UiPath Studio project supporting both VB and C#

Hi UiPath Team,

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First of all thank you for adding a C# support for Uipath studio. That is a great addition.
I know it is still an experimental feature but I have the following problem.

I created some workflows in UiPath Studio with a language C#.
Then I created a project in VB and I want to reuse the workflows developed in C#.
But this isn’t working. The invoked workflows shows an error unregistered expression which forced me to do rework of the entire workflows in VB again which is time consuming and doesn’t make sense to have the same workflow developed in two different languages.

As we all know that .Net comes with a multi-language support - means you can write code in two languages in the same project which are supported by .Net Compiler works without any issues.

In the future can we expect that the UiPath project supports both C# and VB in the same project so we can avoid rework and gives an option to develop workflows with language independent?

Thank you.

Karthik Byggari

Hy @KarthikByggari,

If you have experience in C# you could try the activity creator in Visual Studio to create a custom package

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Hi @William_Blech_Sister

I know about the activity creator. Thanks for the suggestion.
But here I am talking about the feature recently added in UiPath studio for C# support.
Once I create a project in C#, I can’t invoke the workflows created with VB.

Karthik Byggari

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Thanks for your suggestion, I added it to our internal tracker for our team to consider.

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Hi there, Why not try extracting that reusable code inside a Library? UiPath libraries are compiled so you can use the generated activities from the library project in both VB and C# projects. You just need to move the common code in a new library project, publish it as a new library package and use it as a dependency inside your other projects. For more on libraries check our documentation and academy.


Hi @mircea

Thank you for the workaround solution. Currently I am doing the same.
I am just leveraging the UiPath capabilities.

Karthik Byggari

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