Need to write in excel sheet on the basis of different value in the row

I am having some data in excel

On the basis of their calss i want to write review


i have use this logic till now
please suggest me some idea how to move ahead

can you share the expected output


I want to put it like this
if in class column 4th then pass
if in column class 2nd then fail
like that
I don’t know what activity should i use to do it.

use else if activity or switch activity

write the conditions as many as you have

I am having a doubt that how to write in specific column if it match the value from other column

Hi @Praveen_Mudhiraj ,
You can use switch case
case row(“Class”).toString = 4th
assign row(“Review”) = “Pass”

case row(“Class”).toString = 2nd
assign row(“Review”) = “fail”

assign row(“Review”) = “Improve”

hope it help,

I want to know the activity by which i can select the column and write in each row
flow i can use it with if else as well

HI @office_use

you can go with this Xaml it will give exact output
Xaml :- Basis of different value in the (2.1 KB)

for reference you can see the screenshot


Let me know its working or not for you


My input

my output

my step
Sequence.xaml (13.7 KB)
hope it help,

Hello @office_use ,
Refer to this Xaml file, You may get some idea.
It is based on Excel Modern activity. (53.1 KB)


Getting error Brother.

can you check the read range out has passed in the for each row in data table Activity


Can you remove the “A” in the Range and run it…it will work


Let me know its working or not


Bot is running fine
Means i am not getting any error
but Review filed still remain empty. means bot is unable to write in review field.

can you share the for each screen shot or we can connect

you do the same way it will work

  1. 2.

after that completely out off for each row loop
3. use the write range work book