Need to update the excel values in DB

Hi all,

I need to update the excel values in the database and if I use Bulk Update activity from Database, the values are not getting updated.
Is there any other possible ways to update the vales from Excel to Database.


we would recommend to find out the root cause of the failing update. Maybe you can elaborate more on the details and what was done so far

Hello @sowjanya.s

  1. Read Excel Data: Use the “Read Range” activity to read the data from your Excel file into a DataTable.
  2. Connect to the Database: Use the “Connect” activity to establish a connection to your database. Configure the connection with the appropriate connection string.
  3. Loop Through DataTable: Iterate through the DataTable rows using a “For Each Row” activity.
  4. Update Database: For each row in the DataTable, construct and execute SQL update queries to update the corresponding records in your database. Use the “Execute Non Query” activity to execute the SQL queries.

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Thanks for your support, will check with your feedback and let you know the output.



I am not having the execute non query activity,and if without that activity I develop with all other activities , it is not getting updated.


@ppr ,

I have read the excel and the database values are read and written in excel.
And then since there are different values in both DT, the values in the second excel should be updated in the First Database Table and I have given the Bulk Update activity, it is not getting updated.


So in a first RnD round we would analyze in our approaches (done in separate XAMLS):

  • is the connection working - Connect Activity
  • can we insert (eg. permissions) - a single insert
  • is our excel data valid - several techniques e.g. LINQ Analysis statements and debugging panels

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Just to mention a few of many actions we can do to catch the root cause