Need to scrap the more number of data in pdf

**Need to scrap the more number of data in pdf **
In My Activity i Need to extract more data from single pdf and need to export those details into excel - with screen scrapping am getting the text, if the pdf page is changed am getting irrelevant result

I am not able understand clearly sorry about that!

will you elaborate the above quotes text. give me more explanation please.

Hi @JaganR
Have you tried using read pdf with ocr and export to pdf activity

Ashwin S

@Sriram07 - Hello Sriram,

Am having 25 pages of PDF - which contains some table format data in each page. the problem is - using screen scraping can am able to get the data but only if that current page is visible. otherwise is showing incorrect values

Due to security issues not able to share the pdf content here - my apologies

@AshwinS2 - Hello Ashwini,

My requirement is to scrap certain values from PDF - not everything. I Believe with read PDF activity we can get the full data not the specific data - please correct me if am wrong.

Hi @JaganR

Yes based on the property as Range


Use element exist activity then !!! if that element exist you are in the correct page and scrape it!! other leave that page and go for the next page ?

Am i understanding on your use case is correct!!!
If wrong correct me @JaganR


@sriram07 @AshwinS2 - Thanks both for giving suggestions:)
am able to extract the data using read PDF activity with range. now i need to extract the some part of data in extracted output - i found using regex we can get that value. as am new to development and tried with several regex patters but not luck - will you be able help me by forming the regex pattern.

I want to extract the data between the string starting with “Table HTS-1


Table HTS-1


Hi @JaganR

try this!!

(?<Table/s?HTS-1\s?\n?STUDENT\s?MARKET) .?(?=\s?\n?HOUSING\s?MARKET)

Let me know if its not working…

Hi @Sriram07.
Getting this error

@Sriram07 - Have added = sign before Table and now am not getting that error - Thanks

(?<=Table/s?HTS-1\s?\n?STUDENT\s?MARKET) .?(?=\s?\n?HOUSING\s?MARKET)

fine @JaganR
Sorry for the late reply

try this ok.As same
instead of matches activity

assign var=system.text.regularexpressions.regex.match(test,pattern,regexoptions.singleline) .tostring


test is a string variable contains your text
pattern is also a string var with value “(?<=Table HTS-1\n?STUDENT MARKET).*(?=HOUSING MARKET)”

Let me know if its not correct,otherwise mark as answer and close the thread.



did your use case solved or not? any updates ?


Hello Sriram, Thanks for your followup - but am not able to get the required output with above pattern.

Note : I have minimal access to UiPath during business hours since my primary role is different - please excuse me for any delayed response.


you have to select regexOption in property panel should be single line.

Ok i will share my workflow just understand and let me know you need more clarifications.

Main.xaml (6.3 KB) .

Hope this helps.