Need to fix syntax error in datarow


! could not figure out where is the syntax error.

Please upload screenshot of the values you are passing in the property of the activity " add data row" .


In your add data row activity.

For array row property you have to pass values like below, if you have 3 columns in the datatable, the values should be in doublequotes

{“Anil”,“kumar”,“bandam”} .

The above 3 values will be stored under the 3 columns in the datatable.

Hey @leelakanthi_nagisett

The ArrayRow property allows you to specify values for the columns of the new row, in the format of a list (identified by { and }) whose elements are comma-separated.

The string literals are enclosed in double quotes, the numbers need not be. If you don’t specify values for all the columns, the missing columns are left empty in the new row or the default value (if it was specified when the column was created) will be used.

As a first example, we can add below one row to the data table having 2 columns, with the following values:
{“Value1”, 4} - So Value1 will go to first column first row and 4 will go first row second column value.



got it thanks