Need to close opened Windows or kill all processes before starting workflow

Hi All,

I need to close opened application or kill all processes if any opened before my automation runs. Every time i am facing issue in my citrix automation to find my application page, if other windows are in opened state. I tried Alt+F4 also but when it runs from scheduler it doesn’t work.
Please help me to kill all opened windows if any

Hi @NagaSujitha

You might be able to find some useful information from below link.

You can add a hotkey activity with windows+m for hide / minimise all applications / windows at the beginning of your workflow.

Hope it helps.

1.)Use kill process activity and pass the process name or
2.)send kot key win+r and then type like this for example for to kill IE “taskkill /f /t /im iexplore.exe[k(enter)]”

Hi Dev,

Problem is every time different windows opened, its an common VM, so user working on it and keeping there worked window opened, it could be anything from folder to system upgrade windows

Hi @NagaSujitha i got you problem but if we want to close the any application we need to know the process name then only we can kill . or do one thing send hot key win+D to minimize the all the opened applications or folders

Hi buddy @NagaSujitha
This can be handled with two way

  1. We can use KILL PROCESS Activity
    Where this activity has a property called PROCESS NAME in which we need to mention the process name. And to get the process name exactly go to Start - View Task Manager - Go to process tab and see the name of the process and if it is for example EXCEL.exe then we need to mention the process name alone without extension in the process name property like this “EXCEL”

  2. Then next method is we can use close application acitivity where the window of the application as a element that we want to close

Or get the output from the open application activity from the property windows with a variable and pass that as input to an activity called Close window activity to its property named windows under input tag in property panel

Hope this would help you buddy
Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @NagaSujitha