Need to Click Node Inside a Java JTree Control

I am attempting to use the Click activity to select a node located in a Java JTree.
UI Explorer shows all branches, sub-branches and their nodes in the JTree. The node I need to click is someplace outside of the Java view port and so it does not appear to the human eye onscreen.

I can use the setFocus activity on the out of view node, but then UIPath’s Click is ignored.

How can I use UIPath to click the non-visible JTree node?

Hi @grosner

If setFocus works in the case, normally I think Click activity with checking SendWindowMessages or SimulateClick also works to non-visible elements.
Sometimes you also can use Send Hotkey maybe right plus enter to instead of using Click activity.

Unfortunately, in my Java app, the enter and the right arrow keys are ignored when the element is not visible on the screen.

Any other ideas for working with JTree in Java apps?

Sorry, because I can’t actually use your Java app, the advice I can give for interacting with non-visible elements is that to use the background operations or keyboard operations instead of using Click activity.