Need to capture inner HTML that belong to one div class

I want to capture all the text that comes under one html div class. PFB the values that I want to capture.

Css selector: div[uitestid=“gwt-debug-metric”]
Both 99.79 and 99.05 comes under the above css selector
I want to capture both.
I have tried using data scrapping activity, it will work initially and the next day it won’t capture any data.

Can you share the selectors used for these elements?

@Ebison_J What was the Error you received ? Or Was it just not Extracting the values?

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the details to the second value is also important to check (e.g. same css class…)
in general following options are available:

  • datascraping
  • dynamized get Text
  • find children
  • get text, inner/outerhtml attribute, further processing with XML Api / Linq to XML
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No errors. It is not returning any data

@Ebison_J Use Find Children Activity and check if it is able to Extract the required Values. But make sure you’re choosing the right element. In any case , can you send the screenshots of the selector of that particular element that you want to Extract using UiExplorer. Make sure it shows the whole UiExplorer Panel.



What i believe is, your outer DIV is changing or ur div is duplicate under outer DIV.
If possible go to source of web page and look for similar DIV and see, is there any duplicate DIV.