Need to add signature and date on a scanned PDF

Hi ,

I need to add signature and date on a scanned pdf document. Has anyone done this.

The document is a standard document but is scanned. Did anyone achieve this?
Please let me know.

The signature is in an image .png file.

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check this


What is this Ecopy software. How do we use it. Where can we download this?


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Hey @Sairam_RPA

Do it in word doc and save it as PDF


Hello @Sairam_RPA ,

Here what you can do is create a template for the Word document and add the bookmarks in word. Then using the Word activities you can add the content or image. Then save the word document to PDF using “Save Document as PDF” activity.

I tried converting to document to word but the signature section is converted to an image in word doc.

I reason being the signature section is a table with 3 rows and 3 columns. The first 2 rows are already signed and the pdf is scanned.

I need to add signature to the third row in the table add date and time.

Can you add separate bookmark to those rows and insert the text over there.

This is how the table is.

The first 2 rows are already signed and scanned.

Unfortunately I cannot book mark that location as it comes as an image

Else can you create a table in the word document instead of this image. You can keep a template an copy to the folder each time. So you can reuse the template for each execution.

I found the solution for this.

I used click ocr activity. I am passing the coordinates on the scanned pdf document and signing it.

When the pdf is scanned the relative positions of text change. So first I get an anchor of a text in the document and based on the anchor the sign is placed.

I have just used Uipath Studio and Omni OCR to to handle this.

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