Add Digital Signature with Certificate

I need to draw rectangular area for creating digital signature.
How can i do this in uipath


I can suggest another work around as there is no direct activity to perform this

  1. If you have word document template for that pdf then have text in the place where you want to have rectangular box

  2. Go to studio → design tab → Manage Packages → all packages → install UiPath.Word.Activities

  3. Now in studio use a word application scope and pass the filepath of that word document
    Then use ADD PICTURE activity and pass the alt text you have in Text property and mention the filepath of picture of a rectangular box

This will replace that text with a rectangular box

  1. Then use EXPORT TO PDF activity to convert that doc to pdf

Cheers @_Ayushi_Jain

Thanks @Palaniyappan, I have tried this solution but I need timestamp in my signature as well.How can I do that?

Thanks @Palaniyappan, I have tried the solution but I need to add timestamp in the signature as well. how can i do that

Same you have a alt text in the position where you want to have timestamp in that word template
And use REPLACE TEXT activity where mention the alt text in search and in replace property mention as Datetime.Now.ToString

And then try exporting as a pdf

Cheers @_Ayushi_Jain