Need solution on blank columnsIf

I have a multiple country wise sheets and I have to compile the data in a single sheet but in some columns data is not available so how to jump on next column If the previous column is blank.
Whatever columns data is getting I need to copy and paste it in single sheet.
I have used build data table activity and created five columns like Title, URL, Description, date and type. Need to get the data from each sheet as per this order but in some sheets data available of only two columns title and description so I am not able to capture the data as per the order.
And I need all sheets name in last column as per the data available in sheets.


You can use Filter Data Table activity.
select columns tab => Remove => mention columns those u dont want

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  1. Build a table with appropriate headers including country
  2. Use a for each excel sheet on the workbook.
  3. Use read range and append to your table
  4. Extract sheetname from CurrentSheet and write to last column of table.
  5. use“columnname <> ‘’”). CopyToDataTable() to remove empties depending on column that must have data.
  6. Write table to final excel

Hope you find this useful

Sorry Pankaj this is not my requirement.

@josephatomwanzia thanks for your reply, but I am new user of UIPath so I am still confused with your solution.

Which part specifically?

how to apply this?



I have used this activities but getting issue in blanks columns

Use an assign activity here

DT is a new table. Please declare the variable.

dt is the original data table.

.select is a method. so use it as is

columnname is the name of the column that must have a value i.e title/description.

<> means not equal to

“” is a blank.

CopyToDataTable() is a method to create a new table based on the selection.

Then use a write range activity to write the contents of DT in to our final excel

dt1= readSheets.Select(“Title <>”“”).CopyToDataTable()
this syntax is not working in assign activity. it is throwing exception RemoteException wrapping System.Data.SyntaxErrorException: Cannot interpret token ‘"’ at position 9.

try single quotes i.e ‘’ instead of “”

still getting same error