Need help with comparing two excel file based on 2 columns with duplicate column headers

Hi All,

I have two excel files (attached here). The goal is to remove all rows from EBS OA Update Template_final_06022020.XLSX which do not match with EBS OA Update Template.xlsx,
based on columns “Purchasing Document” and “Item” of EBS OA Update Template_final_06022020.XLSX with “OA Number” and “OA Line” of EBS OA Update Template.xlsx

EBS OA Update Template.xlsx (18.9 KB) EBS OA Update Template_final_06022020.XLSX (18.6 KB)

@ClaytonM, @Palaniyappan any help on this?

@rahul.lakshmanan There’s a Problem in your Excel I feel, We cannot have Same Column Names in Excel File and in one Excel some of your Columns have Same name :sweat_smile:

@rahul.lakshmanan Try this Workflow, But I had kept an Output Template to Achieve this :sweat_smile: (40.3 KB)


Still amazed how powerful LINQ is. Shame that I don’t get it at all.
Good job on this

@srdjan.suc One Step at a Time and you’ll get them all :smile:

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@supermanPunch let me take a look at the same. Yes i know that the column names are same in the excel sheet and i have mentioned the same in the problem title

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