Need Help in Solution Design (Sales Order Automation Process)

Hello Everyone,

I am need to RPA and I have a requirement to automate sales order process using Uipath.

Need experts High level guidelines to start with Sales order automatic process building using UiPath.


Please explain Sales Order Automation process that you want to automate. Then we can help you.

Sorry for the late reply.

My Requirement is:

I will get the sales order information in excel, using that information I have to create sales order in Netsuite ERP cloud application using bot.

Your inputs will be helpful.


Hi Sangamesh,

If the Netsuite ERP is browser based then use Data scraping using web cording tool and put the details in data table and output table in excel.

if you need more help you can send message and I can help you out on one-o-one basis.


Thank you Jignesh for your prompt response. Please let me know your available and if possible can we have skype call?


Need your help on this issue.
Can we automate NETSUITE through UIpath ?

Thank you.

Yes, our RpA team has done.


What is the full process on how to automate the NETSUITE.

Thank you.

I am very new to UIPath and it is 100% possible to automate Netsuite. It is down by other guys.

Can you help me to on this because i want to automate our NETSUITE here in our
company ?

Thank you.

Sorry, I don’t have the source code and development team is total from different department.

To learn, I drop the email on UiPath Community.

Hi Sangmeshreaddy,

My email address is and skype is jignesh.2882.

ping me when you can and happy to help.