Order-to-Cash process

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I read up and understand uipath is capable of automating the sale ordering process, from receiving the order and reading the order data via OCR to entering the data automatically into the SAP ERP system and booking that data to create the new sales order in SAP.

  1. Is there any ready example which i can refer to and customize to what i require?
  2. How can we include verification and validation checks to make sure that the ordered products are in stock?
  3. How can we handle various inbound channels at the same time, such as orders in pdf, via email, or Excel spreadsheets in email attachments?

Thanks in advance for the advises!


It is a exciting thing to automate as I did the same but in entirely different thing i.e., peoplesoft

Coming to answers…

  1. You can refer the xaml’s based on the requirement in the forum… you will have many for a single question but i’m not sure you will get a workflow for your requirement
  2. As you have to check manually by entering the name in the form and check whether the stock is not, you can do the same in UiPath as well. You need to capture the product name from the mail or from the receipt and enter it in the ERP system and check whether the data exists . It will display the stock value and you can scrape the data in UiPath and check what is the number.
  3. Coming to various channels, we have activities available to read the PDF’s , word documents, emails and excels… Each have their own activities and you can use them

Hi @HareeshMR

Thanks for the quick answer!~
I understand that there may be some xaml here and there in the forum and that is what i am hoping to find a workflow for the ordering process. But so far i have search high and low and none avail.


As the workflow will contain sensitive info, no one will share the entire workflow. You will get the pieces of workflows related to the process and you need to integrate them. Better to start on your own and post your questions if you have any in the forum. People here will help in seconds :smile: …

Hi @HareeshMR

Yes, i manage to do a few script already :slight_smile:
And exactly as you said, due to data privacy, i wont be able to share my order processing screenshot easily here. Well somehow, that’s the only way to go now :smiley:


Ohh, All the best for your first automation and hope you have great success . And doing the complicated thing in the starting days is really an amazing thing… :bowing_man:

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