Need help in Excel

Hello Guys!

I have an excel with 1000 rows. Sample below:

I need to add a column next to desc column and extract the keywords from desc column.
For suppose Cat, Dog, Phone for every row in the table.
Sample output below:
Please help in solving this. Planning to use for each row activity but it will be time taking as there will be 1000 rows every time. Additionally I want to put undefined as comment for new type of data in desc column.

Good evening SaiKrishna,

Try the following steps:

  1. Use the “Read Range” activity to get your first table from Excel
  2. Use the “Add Data Column” activity to add your “Extract” column to the datatable
  3. Use the “For Each Row” activity to set the value of the new column
  4. Use the “Write Range” activity to write the datatable back into Excel

The for each loop will process very quickly outside of Excel and should only take a few moments.


Hi @chenderson,

Thanks for the Reply,

is there any alternative other than using for each loop?

Absolutely, you can accomplish this using Expressions (similar to Excel formulas).

Check out this link for an example: Updating all rows of a column together

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Using a for each loop the way that was described should take under 1 second for 1000 rows.


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