Extract datatables and write the result tables in different excel column

Hey guys, i have extracted 180 article names in a for each row loop (60 article names per keyword). These 180 titles are now in one column due to my write range activity. But I would like to open a new column for each keyword or extract the first 60 results in column B, the second 60 results in column C and the third 60 results in column D. PS: The keywords in column A are one below the other.

I enclose two screenshots.
I hope that someone can help me and thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

You simply write column A data in to other 3 column
Am i right?

Use For Each row, and use datatable same as used in Write range activity.
Use index number in for each row properties ,
then use If activity with condition indexnum<=60 then write cell activity for B Column
and if else part give one more if condition i.e. indexnum>60 and indexnum<=120 then write cell for C column and in else part put write cell for D column.

Let me know if any doubt

Happy automation!

Hi @Sagar_Gupta1 thanks for your promptly reply.

Yes I want a new column in my Excel table for each of the 3 extracted data tables.
I have already tried the activity copy range, but it is too error-prone.
Is there a way in the for each row loop that after each of the data extractions a new column is automatically created in my Excel table and the respective titles are extracted there?

@Sagar_Gupta1 thanks for your feedback.

But I want to develop a dynamic project, so it should not always be 60 results. Therefore the if conditions are not really helpful.
Ideally, the program should automatically create a new column after each data table extraction and write the extracted results into it. :slight_smile:

Ok it means, it divide into 3 column always either 180 or 210?

180 article names then 60 article *3 column
210 article names then 70 article * 3 column

Am i correct?

@Sagar_Gupta1 no sorry :frowning:
It does not matter how many article names are to be extracted. I just want my program to automatically write the results to a new column after each data extraction.
But this is not possible with the activity write range, because I have to specify the target row of my Excel table in write range…
Is there possibly another activity or do I have to create an array for it?
Many thanks in advance :slight_smile:


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This is nearly the exact problem I’m struggling with aswell so maybe if you guys figure it out could you share it here?